MEFA StatiCAL is a static calculation software for all technical building equipment suppliers (HVAC) and offers you a helpful addition to the planning of fixing situations on the building. The program includes the entire range of MEFA profile rails, from C-profile 22/16 to

 For the selected profile rails, the percentage utilization of the maximum permissible stress and displacement are given. Likewise, the maximum bending moment and the maximum displacement for the selected load case. The permissible values for the used profile rail are also listed.
The program creates an audit-proof calculation report in a transparent way and enables the report to be added to your documentation.

 MEFA StatiCAL offers the following languages: Danish, German, English, Italian, Latvian, Dutch, Polish and Hungarian. As soon as you open the program in the browser, the stored language (national browser language) is automatically selected. If the national language is not covered by our language library, English will be selected. The language can be changed later using the drop-down list.

 The program does not require a local installation. To use it, you just have to start the program in your internet browser (preferably Google Chrome):

MEFA CAD-library

You need CAD data for your planning? As part of our "BIM on demand" service, we have combined around 5500 products into around 500 logical REVIT product families. Within a family, the geometry data is parameterized.

You can find this data for free download on every product detail page. Additionally you can download the formats dwg, dxf and sat there.

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Do you have questions about the assembly of MEFA products? In the download area, you will find assembly instructions for a variety of MEFA products.