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There’s no doubt: BIM (Building Information Modeling) will prevail as a comprehensive planning system in construction – firstly for major projects and on long run also for construction projects such as commercial buildings or the residential building. There are high barriers for entering, but who addresses the topic offensive nowadays as a planner or as a planning craftsman will benefit of it afterwards.


  • As a medium-sized company, MEFA Befestigungs- und Montagesysteme GmbH acts out pragmatic market proximity and allows its planning customers a needs-based access to BIM.
  • Data for fixing technology in a three-level-system: Each customer gets as much BIM as wanted and as much service as needed - MEFA calls that BIM ON DEMAND.
  • Besides the geometric data of the components in BIM, there are also component-related informative metadata with commercial and technical information available.
  • So far there is no standardization for fixing technology products, therefore the compilation of the metadata happens at customer's request after the minimum principle.
  • Economic data utilization due to tailored level of details (LOD) of products from LOD 100 in the concept design phase up to LOD 400 in the fabrication and assembly phase.
  • By means of BIM, the fixing technology can be defined in an earlier stage of the project.
  • MEFA is your competent partner for planners to support BIM projects in all phases with customized support and datasets.


MEFA provides planning customers with all the BIM data they need for their projects, tailor-made. For compatibility, MEFA has followed the current market standard for Closed BIM projects and implemented Revit (Autodesk).

All available Revit models can be downloaded from the product detail pages free of charge and without registration. Furthermore, models in the formats dwg, dxf and sat.

Likewise, the data can also be used without restriction in Open BIM projects, as is predominantly the case abroad. Data economy and a clear systematic approach were the guiding principles of approach to geometry data: MEFA has grouped about 5,500 products into about 500 logical product families. Within a family, the geometry data are parameterized, so that all further product dimensions for each product size can be calculated from a given parameter.


MEFA has summarized recurring product combinations - for example, supply and disposal traverses in parking garages - in labor-saving typicals. These data sets are stored in a library and can be utilized directly by the planner by adjusting a few parameters only.


Besides proper data material, also high-performing support is an important key factor. MEFA invested in know-how of the application technology and in personal. Two certified BIM managers systematically drive the developments and, in case of doubt, are the contact persons for the customers with their team. This goes all the way to the standard-compliant complete service of planning fixing technology - the BIM data in line with requirements are transferred at the same time.

Via parameters to the goal: MEFA BIM REVIT

Practice-oriented data for minimal planning effort

  • Differently from the conventional CAD work, the MEFA BIM Revit components contain a variety of parameters, which can offer an enormous added value in the analysis, calculation and cooperation with further project participants. Additionally, those parameters can be adjusted project-related to achieve a maximum of comfort in working with the components.
  • Each MEFA Revit model can be presented in three different LODs - this principle minimizes the general data volume of a construction project.
  • Due to the MEFA Revit template, users (planner, contractors, etc.) can automatically configure, create and adjust their part list of MEFA fastenings.
  • MEFA Revit families are belonging to HVAC components.
  • Each MEFA family (MEFA Revit component) is a working level-based family. This is useful in a project environment as well as for nested families, when it comes to positioning (concrete, ceiling, wall, level 0, etc.).
  • According to user’ information, families of MEFA profile rails can be reduced or extended and thanks to LOD’ variable graphically presented or parametrized.
  • According to user’ information, families of MEFA pipe clamps can be varied in the nominal diameter DN simply by a mouse click and variable graphically presented by LOD’ or parametrized.


Martin Schneider Managing Director

"With BIM, the processes become more transparent for all construction participants. Certainly, the focus will also be beamed more towards the complete lifetime of a construction because the model is meant to accompany the building to the end. That is why we position ourselves as a  competent partner for planners. Our message: We accompany and support BIM projects in every phase with customized support and data sets."