The solution for heavy loads



CENTUM® Is the ideal solution for pipeline and plant engineering. Heavy loads will be intercepted safely and reliable, e.g. for large pipe diameters.

With a few components and a clear and simple bolting system, CENTUM® offers decisive advantages against conventional, welded steel structures.

The CENTUM® product family has been extended by a further screw connection: CENTUM® T-Lock Plus

The innovative CENTUM® T-Lock Plus product solution is now even more efficient and intuitive to use thanks to the patented screw connection with anti-rotation lock. 

The advantages at a glance:

  • Anti-rotation lock thanks to thread flattened on one side and adapted locking washer
  • Form-fit connection instead of force-fit: locking teeth press into the profile and the component to be connected when tightened
  • High load transfer of up to 10kN along and across the profile axis
  • Visual control thanks to the marking at the end of the screw
  • User-friendly
  • Zinc-nickel coated
  • Our video shows you the work steps for successful assembly:

Advantages of CENTUM® at a glance:

  • step less positioning of mounting parts
  • form-closed screw connection with maximum permissible load acceptance of 10 kN per bolting
  • any time removal
  • adaptation possibilities for MEFA mounting systems
  • almost all components are hot-dip galvanized or have a special zinc nickel coating
  • a closed profile geometry ensures for a highest torsional stiffness
  • thought-out attachments enable a upper limit of design variants
  • all CENTUM® profiles are quality-assured in accordance with RAL-GZ 655-C and meet the requirements of DIN EN 1090


Use our quality-assured CENTUM® T-lock for fast and safe fixing of CENTUM® components. 
Advantages at a glance:

  • high-strength patented CENTUM® screw connection 
  • shape-fitting connection instead of force-fitting: locking blades press into the profile and the component to be connected when tightened 
  • high security against movement 
  • max. load capacity up to 10 kN per screw connection 
  • zinc-nickel coated 
  • visual control of correct positioning

With our video we show you the different work steps and specifications for a successful assembly.


MEFA StatiCAL CENTUM® is a static calculation software for all technical building equipment suppliers (HVAC) and plant engineers. It offers you a helpful addition to the planning of fixing situations on the building. The program includes the entire range of CENTUM® profiles. 

For the selected profiles, the percentage utilization of the maximum permissible stress and displacement are given. Likewise, the maximum bending moment and the maximum displacement for the selected load case. The permissible values for the used profiles are also listed. 

The program creates an audit-proof calculation report in a transparent way and enables the report to be added to your documentation. 

MEFA StatiCAL CENTUM® offers the following languages: Danish, German, English, Italian, Latvian, Dutch, Polish and Hungarian. As soon as you open the program in the browser, the stored language (national browser language) is automatically selected. If the national language is not covered by our language library, English will be selected. The language can be changed later using the drop-down list. 

The program does not require a local installation. To use it, you just have to start the program in your internet browser (preferably Google Chrome):

CENTUM® products

Console for the production of cantilever structures for the inclusion of suspended and standing pipe loads.

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Plates with threaded connection for mounting on the structure or on profile rails

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Pipe holder for fixing pipes directly on a mounting profile CENTUM. Installation in combination with U-bolt.

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