Installation method for steel structures

Girder clamp PK/PKB

Applications for sprinkler and ventilation, also for electrical and air conditioning installations

Quick installation of pipes on steel girders

Fixation without drilling or welding

With the Girder clamp PK / PKB, we offer a simple steel fastening solution which is ideal for a safe and easy fixation of pipe clamps, sprinkler systems and ventilation ducts on steel beams and other steel structures. Since steel girders are generally not allowed to be damaged due to their structural relevance, drilling or welding is therefore not permitted. So installers and system builders are dependent on reliable clamping solutions. The Gider clamp PK / PKB can be used not only for the assembly of pipes and ducts, but also for electrical installations, cassette units or hot air generators if the roof structure consists of steel beams, as is often found in warehouses or sales halls.

Approval according to VdS and FM - versions for threaded rods from M8 to M16

The girder clamps have VdS approvals and, from M10, also FM approvals and can therefore also be used for sprinkler and extinguishing systems. Different sizes are available with internal threads M8, M10, M12 and M16. Alternatively, there are girder clamps with holes for the assembly of threaded rods, also for M8 to M16. The rows of teeth on the brackets are designed to offer maximum security against slipping. However, the suspensions must be mounted so that only tensile forces can act. This means for beam flanges with conical cut faces that the girder clamps must always be placed in such a way that the rows of teeth engage in the horizontal bearing surface of the flange.

The smallest size of the PK / PKB for threaded rods  M8 may only be loaded with a maximum of 1.2 kN in the vertical direction. The largest for threaded rods M16 has a maximum load of 5 kN. When using sprinkler systems, it should always be noted that from DN 50 on the support clips must be combined with an additional safety lug. You will find these accessories in our product catalogue. A profiled  rail can also be attached with two opposite girder clamps above or below a steel bracket.

Easy assembly - resilient material

Installation is quick and easy: First, the screws on the support flange or the steel structure are tightened by hand. To avoid over-tightening, the screw should only be tightened another half turn with the open-end wrench.

The girder clamps are made from steel strip using the forming process. The material solidifies through the forming process, but the toughness is largely retained, so that this product has additional safety reserves. Galvanizing provides corrosion protection.

Girder clamp PK/PKB

Accessories: threaded rods

Accessories: nuts