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MEFA eShop

There are many ways to order:

Directly with a contact person on site, by phone call, by e-mail or sometimes still by fax. One of the easiest and fastest ways is to order via the MEFA eShop: once registered, you can log in at any time, find out about products and prices, and place the order directly. And to make this way of ordering even more attractive for you, we are continuously working on optimizing our website and the related systems. Often there are small things that are changed or improved, but sometimes there are major innovations. Today we would like to introduce two of them to you in more detail.

Favorites list

Firstly, the favorites list has been fundamentally revised and now allows you to save products that are ordered again and again and thus conveniently reorder them. Create different favorites lists easily and quickly, e.g. for individual construction projects, product groups or any other criterion of your choice and transfer the required products to your shopping cart with just one click. There is also the option to export the entire favorites list as Excel or CSV.


On the other hand, we are continuously working on making the ordering process even simpler and more efficient for you. The easiest way to do this is via your own merchandise management system. Many interfaces have been developed in recent years for this type of order processing. One of them is IDS-Connect. IDS simply means "Integrated Data Interface". And the MEFA eShop also has this interface. We have programmed and tested it with the support of the software house TAIFUN. And we have registered the interface with the SHK Connect / Open Connect directory service from ITEK. This means that you can now access our eShop from all standard merchandise management systems. But also a direct access e.g. from PDS is possible without any problems. As a basis, you then only need our article master data, which we will gladly provide in DATANORM or BMEcat format.

(IDS is a German interface standard and may not be available in other countries.)

Once registered in the eShop, you have many options to order our products.

MEFA eShop: For business users only.