Use of flowing waters

MEFA water

Water use for  residential and non-residential buildings

The heat exchanger MEFA water uses flowing waters even at low temperatures and provides the heat pump with ideal source energy temperatures. The MEFA Energy Systems heat exchangers are also used as direct / passive heat and cold source, e.g. For loading concrete core activation. The systems can be designed as a monovalent energy system or can be used in divalent systems in combination with other heat generators. By combining with PV modules, a high self-current utilization can be achieved.

MEFA energy references


  • Independent of oil and gas
  • High plant efficiency / "JAZ"
  • 100% regenerative; fulfillment of "EEWärmeG & EnEV"
  • Eligible, e.g. in market incentive program
  • Simple, fast, flexible and cost-efficient installation
  • Can be used in non-residential buildings

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