Heating and cooling with the ice storage

MEFA ice

Heating and cooling with  the ice storage

The ice storage MEFA ice stores surplus solar energy for monovalent operation for the entire year. The ice storage MEFA ice can be used with minimum surface requirements, e.g. Garage entrances and water protection areas. In addition, the ice storage MEFA ice is available as a cooling source in the summer for passive building cooling. The MEFA powerbox always guarantees the use of the warmest energy source, ensures the constant regeneration of the ice storage tank and protects the heat pump against excessive source temperatures.

MEFA energy references


  • Independent of oil and gas
  • High plant efficiency / "JAZ"
  • 100% regenerative; fulfillment of "EEWärmeG & EnEV"
  • Approval-free introduction
  • Under certain circumstances also usable in water protection areas
  • Eligible, e.g. in market incentive program
  • Simple, fast, flexible and cost-efficient installation
  • Can be used in non-residential buildings

Are you interested in MEFA ice and looking for more information?

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